ipv6 test

DL9LBG WSPR transmitter

Now on air on 10 m band (see schedule below)

This webserver and the WSPR generator/decoder (Weak Signal Propagation Reporter) both work on a Raspberry Pi mini computer located in Lütjenburg/North Germany (Locator JO54hh).

Currently DL9LBG whispers on 28.126178 MHz (10 m band) with a tx fraction of 20 % (transmitting approx. every 12 minutes).

The WSPR software by K1JT is running on a Raspberry Pi which is connected via a cheap USB audio dongle to an FT-857D which produces about 2 watts (33 dBm) hf output. I use a so called Fuchs-antenna that is 20.5 mtrs of wire fed at the end at high impedance (2*λ) with a resonant circuit transformer. The wire is 18 mtr up from the ground.

WSPR transmitter plus webserver on one mini computer and the power input is only 3.5 watts. Good power efficiency, I think.

Pse QSL to michael [ät] dl9lbg.de - tnx!

SWL reports will be confirmed via QSL bureau, eQSL or QRZ.com postal address.

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